1. To use the TPU app there is a $12.00 monthly fee

2. You keep 100% of your earnings if you get clients to schedule you or request you

3. Passengers are able to use you again if you give them your DIN

4. There are no booking fees for Passengers so they save more.

5. If you get a random request off the app or we schedule a ride for you we take 10%

6. You will either need to print out cards or use the ones we give you to popularize TPU in your area

7. You need to have your own car or rent one that is at least 2007 and above

8. To pick up at the airport your car needs to be at least 2010 and above

9. After you fill out the application below, download the TPU Driver app then register

10. If you have any questions give us a call at 4048551008 or email info@timedpickups.com

Click here for Application