1. What does TPU stand for?



TPU stands for timedpickups.



2. Do I work for TPU or am I self employed?



You are self employed.



3. How do I get requests with the TPU APP?



There are two ways to receive request such as:


1. You give your Passenger your DIN so they can schedule you through the app.


2. A Passenger can also instantly request you if you are the Driver closest by.



4. Does TPU make any profit of the Driver?



If TPU gets you a scheduled ride, we take 10% out of every trip we get for you. This also includes if you get a random request using the TPU APP that was not scheduled directly with you and the Passenger.



5. How much can I make every week driving for TPU?



If you are a great Driver and are good at getting people to want you to drive them again, there is no telling how much you can make in a week. Every trip is different. We do have Drivers that are currently making over 500 a week after gas and expenses.



6. Will the Driver Sign up Subscription Fee increase



Yes, the Driver Sign up Subscription fee will increase for new Drivers. The reason for increase will be because of the amount of Drivers we will have working with TPU.


For Example: If you started with TPU and you are paying 12.00, it will stay that way. If we reach an amount of Drivers it will go up to 27.00 it will stay at that amount. If we reach another goal of Drivers that sign up it will go up to 53.00 which is the final increase.



7. Is there a fee to use the APP?



There is a fee of  10.00 a month that the Driver pays to use the app plus a 2.00 Driver safety fee included which makes it 12.00 total a month.


The Driver pays 2.00 to be assured that the Passenger has also gone through a background check for the safety of the Driver.



8. What is a DIN?



We have created a new system called the Drivers Identification Number (DIN). We use that number to identify you when a Passenger wants to request you personally for a scheduled TPU. It is also used to identify the Drivers when they call in to speak with our support staff.



9. Do I have to drive a certain minimum a week?



No, you drive whenever you want morning, afternoon, night or midnight.



10. How do I get paid?



We pay you every Thursday. When you fill out our application form we ask a few financial questions so that we can pay you through Direct Deposit.


We use a third party company named Stripe to take payments from your passengers then transfer them to you directly from our payment system.


If you already have a Stripe account, you can connect it to our system for payment. Connect Your Stripe Account.  


Another way we pay is through the Cash App that is made by Stripe. We will use one of these methods to pay you.



11. What are the Fare Prices?



You can find the fare amounts on the Driver Fare Book Page



12. Does TPU lease cars out?



No, we do not currently lease cars out but as soon as we are ready to do that we will let everyone via the TPU APP.



13. Can I get paid every day instantly?



We do not currently pay everyday but we will let you know as soon as we are able to pay you instantly or let you transfer your funds any time.



14. I live in a town where there is a shortage of Rideshare Drivers, how will I get requests?



We recommend that you have business cards made and have your DIN on it so that people will be able to schedule you for rides. We will give you a template or you can create your own.


Word of mouth is a good way to get the word around about TPU to both Drivers & Passengers. The more people know about it the more business it will bring for you in the area you drive in.



15. Does TPU find Passengers for the Drivers?



No, we do not find Passengers for the Drivers. We only provide the app so you can use it to build your own clientele professionally.



16. Do I get paid if I get Drivers or Passengers to sign up for TPU?



Yes, you get 5.00 for every new Driver you get to fill out the Drivers Application thats puts your DIN in their application form.



17. What are the steps to getting hired to work with TPU?



First thing you want to do is fill out the Drivers Application so we can get information about you and your vehicle by clicking on Drive on the navigation bar


We do a background check to make sure that you have no major past criminal records.


Your car has to be in an acceptable state as well as the interior and exterior with no major damages.


We also hire people with clean driving records with no DUI's



18. Are we allowed to collect tips from Passengers?



Yes, it is okay to collect tips from your Passengers. Tips are allowed in the Passengers app.



19. Is TPU available World Wide?



TPU is not currently available worldwide but only national in the USA. We are working on getting the right permits to be able to operate in other countries as well as the requirements needed to operate as a TNC in other parts of the world.


As soon as we are available outside of the USA we will notify everyone through our website or TPU APP.



20. Am I allowed to use a Rental/Leased vehicle to drive for TPU?



Yes, you can use a rental as long as you have the Insurance in your name.


TPU is not liable for any damages or items that come up missing from the vehicle.



21. If I have any other questions who will I be able to get in contact with?



You can send an email to our support team at


We aim to reply to all questions or concerns as soon as possible.


You may also call us directly at 4048551008



22. Does TPU transport the elderly, disabled & pets?



TPU has many safe options to transport the elderly and people with disabilities.


We also require Drivers to have blankets in their trunk for people with pets.



23. Can I drive TPU in other states?



Yes, you can Drive TPU in other states as long as TPU is registered in that state.


You and your car will also have to meet the states requirements.



24. Are there any Benefits for the TPU Drivers?



We are working with different companies that offer benefits that will include Medical, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance. Our Drivers will also benefit with our Day Care & Night Care plans.


We are working with different companies that will allow you to save on things like and are not limited to: Phone Services, Sports Events, Concerts, Movies, Airlines Tickets, Buss Trips, Cruise vouchers & more.



25. Do you send out Event Notifications?



a. Yes, we send out notifications to Drivers & Passengers through the TPU APP.



26. What happens after I fill out the Drivers Application?



After you fill out the form we will need you to go ahead and download the TPU Drivers APP from the APP store for your phone.


You can find the correct app if you go back to the homepage of this website and download your devices app.


We will need for you to also register on the app so that we can finish setting up your Car ID and account for use on the TPU APP.



27. How long does it take for me to be approved to drive?



It might take a day or up to 48 hours for you to be approved depending on the amount of submissions we get a day. We ask that you be patient so that we can process all the information that was sent to us.



28. Can I pick up at the airport?



a. Yes, you can pick up at the airport if your car meets the requirements and you have the TPU sticker for your windshield.


b. Your car has to be 2010 and above for airport pickups


c. You must have the TPU hang tag which we will mail out to you or we will let you know where you can pick one up when available.


d. You cannot hang around the Terminal doors; you must wait at the designated areas set for Rideshare Drivers.



29. Does TPU pay for any tickets?



No, we do not pay for any tickets received when driving for TPU. We strongly suggest you abide by the traffic laws to avoid getting any citations.



30. Are there any cleaning or damage fees?



Yes, we send you a cleaning or damage fee If a Passenger leaves a mess that requires major detailing or repairing.


There will be a $200 fee added to the Passengers bill If the mess can't easily be cleaned. You will need to send in a photo of the areas affected.


If a Passenger damages any part of your vehicle we ask you show proof and call the police to make a report.



31. When do you set up my Driver Profile?



We setup your Driver Profile when you get someone to schedule you through the TPU App.


If you are not working to get people to use your DIN to schedule you and it takes 2 weeks, your Driver Profile might be removed from the system. The way to keep it on is to stay active.


It will be put back upon you getting people to use the App to request or schedule you.