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1. What does TPU stand for?



TPU stands for timedpickups.



2. What devices are the TPU App available on?



The Apps are available on iOS & Android devices.



3. What year did TPU start?



TPU launched in February of 2016



4. Is the App available world wide?



Yes, we are available world wide as a referral service.



5. Do you guys give out discounts to passengers?



Yes, we do. We send out notifications through the TPU app.



6. If I need more than one car will I be able to book them?



Yes, you will be able to book more than one car. Make sure if you need more than one that you book them at least 5 days in advance.



7. What is a wait fee? 



When you have more than one stop and the driver waits 30 minutes or more for you to come back.



For Example you can see the wait fees on the Driver Fare Book page.



8. If I want to schedule a ride, how much time in advance do I need to give the Driver?



When you schedule a ride it is good to give the Driver a day or hour notice in advance. It gives the Driver time to prepare for the pickup and also makes sure that they are available for your TPU.




9. Is tipping allowed for the Driver?



Yes, we have the tipping option available on our platform.



10. What is a DIN?



DIN stand for Drivers Identification Number. When you take a ride from a TPU Driver you may request the Drivers DIN if you will like to be picked up again by the same Driver.


You can also recommend a Driver not yet on the TPU platform to join because you like his or her service and will like to request them off the TPU platform



11. If I see a car on the street with a TPU sticker, can I wave them down for a ride?



No, you can not do that.



12. How does the payment system work?



We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express.



13. What are the different features on the apps home page?



We currently have 4 features on the apps homepage which include;


1. Scheduler 2.Review Page 3. Concierge 4.Instant Ride Request Area.



13. At what times can I schedule a TPU?



You can schedule a TPU for anytime day or night. We will try to find you a Driver that works at the hours you will like to schedule your TPU.



14. How are the rates calculated for TPU?



We have different calculated rates and vehicle types for you to choose from. For Example:



TPU Comfort - Mid size four door car, van or truck



TPU Select - Mid size, Luxury Mid size or Luxury SUV



TPU Elite - Luxury SUV 5 door or Luxury Mid size 4 door



TPU Plus - SUV 5 door or Van



TPU Diamond Club - Coming Soon - Membership required. Invite Only.



15. Will I be able to get a receipt?



Yes, if you will like to get a receipt(s), we send them automatically to your email you signed up with. If you will also like us to send it to you by request, you can fill out the form on our contact page to request it.



16. What happens if I make a mess in my Drivers car?



If you make a mess, you will be responsible for the clean up or damage(s). If you make a mess or damage anything in a car that is used to pick you up, you must report it as soon as possible or it might lead to you to lose your access to the TPU platform.