Driver Requirements

1. Driver must be 21 years of age or over.


2. Driver needs to have at least one year of driving experience in the US.


3. Driver's must look their best at all times.


4. Driver's must know how to control their anger.


5. Driver must have a valid Driver's License.


6. Driver must have valid vehicle insurance.


7. Driver's name should be on the rental cars insurance.


8. Driver must obey all traffic laws.


9. Driver must understand the Equal Opportunity Clause.


10. Driver's vehicle must be 2007 and above (it goes up every year January 1st.)


11. Driver's vehicle should not smell of smoke.


12. Driver's vehicle interior and exterior must not have major damages.


13. Driver's must have the TPU sticker displayed on windshield at all times.


14. Driver's are required to get their cars tuned every 3 months.


15. Driver's must have a blanket in the trunk for pets or a seat cover.


16. Driver's must have a car mount(s) for their mobile devices


17. Driver's must NEVER be under the influence of any drugs or alcoholic drinks.


18. Driver's must always wear their seat belt and encourage Passengers as well.


19. Driver's vehicle must be able to seat 4 Passengers not including Driver.


20. Driver's vehicle must have 4 doors with all seat belts in working order.


21. Driver's car must be cleaned as often as possible. (Interior & Exterior)


22. Driver's vehicle registration must be up to date and not expired.


23. Driver must maintain Subscription (12/m). Price for new Drivers may increase.


24. Driver must rest for at least 6 - 7 hours if the Driver drives for 10 hours.


25. Driver must report any accident that occurs with Passenger in vehicle.