1. What does TPU Stand for?

TPU stands for TimedPickups (Pu).

2. Do I work for TimedPickups or am I an Independent Contractor?

You do not work for TimedPickups, you are an Independent Contractor using our tool to build your clientele.

3. How do I get Requests with the TimedPickups Application?

There are two ways to receive trip requests such as through Passenger Requests or Scheduling.

4. Does it cost to use the TimedPickups Application?

Yes, we charge a monthly fee to use our Drivers tool.

5. How much is the monthly fee to use the TimedPickups platform.

The fee you pay depends on your vehicle's year and profile.

For Example:

2008 and above All 4 door Vehicle Types. Vehicle Car Profile: Comfort & Select | $15/Month

2010 and above Luxury Sedans, Luxury SUV's & Luxury Vans. Vehicle Profiles: Select & Elite | $55/Month

2010 and above Luxury Black Sedans, Luxury Black SUV's, Luxury Black Vans & Luxury Black or non Black Busses. Car Profiles: Elite & Diamond | $1,200/Month

6. What is the TPU Elite profile?

This is the highest paying profile per mile/minute that we have. Drivers are able to have this activated along with their other profiles by having a 2010 and above Black Luxury Sedan,SUV or Van. To have this profile activated, the driver must have proof of Commercial Insurance. We take 25% of what our Elite Drivers make when we book rides for them or when they receive random requests off of our platform.

7. How does TimedPickups make any money if Drivers keep 100% of their earnings?

TimedPickups makes a contribution when a Driver gets a Random Request off our TimedPickups application. A Random Request means that the Driver was logged into our app and got an On-Demand request by just being online and not telling the Passengers to request them while the Drivers were waiting for trips. We take 10% from each RR trip. Driver's also pay a monthly fee to use the TimedPickups Drivers tool.

8. What forms of payment can I collect from the Passengers?

The TimedPickups app already collects the payments automatically from Passengers if they request off our app. You can also collect Cash or use the Cash App application found in your app store or We do not recommend you collecting the Passengers card information unless you are using authorized third parties like or At that point we are not liable for any transactions made like that between you and the Passenger. We use those two companies to process payments and send payments out. We have insured that both of those companies have the highest amount of security to process payments from Passengers. It is your responsibility to make sure the Passengers are not committing fraud by using a stolen credit card.

9. How much can I make driving for TPU?

Drivers can make $300 or up to $3,200 a month or more depending on how much you promote yourself to Passenger(s) either by them Requesting or Scheduling you for Pickups. This is a Drivers tool meant to help you achieve financial freedom. TimedPickups helps Drivers connect with Passengers as well by helping Passengers find you when they get directly in contact with us to ask to be connected with reliable drivers by phone, form or email.

10. Will the Driver Subscription Fee increase?

Yes, the Driver Subscription Fee will eventually increase but not for those that sign up with the fees they started with. The increase will be for new drivers when the time comes.

11. What is a DIN and it's use?

It stands for Drivers Identification Number. This is a unique number created for the Driver to give to their Passengers. We recommend printing out business cards with your DIN on them so that your Passengers can find you in our Drivers Search Tool. Your DIN is also used to identify you when you call the TPU Customer service line.

12. Do I have to drive a certain minimum a week?

No, you create your own schedule to match your availability. You can drive how ever long you want. We require you to take a 6 hour break if you drive for 14 hours behind the wheel daily. A way to keep track is by setting an alarm for every 3 hours that you are driving behind the wheel so you are able to keep track.

13. How do I get paid?

We use a third party company called Stripe to pay Drivers that use our platform automatically so when prompted to create and account with Stripe when you sign up to drive, we reccommend you do so. We recommend the number you signed up with on your application for TimedPickups to be the one connected to your Cash App account so it is routed correctly. We will be paying funds into your account via direct deposit in the near future so be on the lookout.

14. What are the Fare Prices?

Click Here – to visit our Farebook Page

15. Does TimedPickups lease out cars?

No, we do not lease cars.

16. What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime you want. If our Drivers tool does not work for you, email or call us to let us know 5 days prior to your subscription date so we can stop your auto payment if you saved your card on file with us. If you have never saved your card on file with us, you do not need to worry about funds coming out of your account because for that to happen, you will have to authorize us to take it out on the next billing cycle day.

17. What is your refund policy?

If you sign up with TimedPickups but have a change of mind, you have 3 hours to let us know you want a refund. You can give us a call at 4048551008 or by emailing [email protected] Refunds take 3 to 5 days to process after it has been initiated. The funds will go back into the account you paid from so check your statements on a daily basis.

18. How can I maximize my earnings?

We recommend having business cards printed with your DIN on them including our phone number so people can either schedule, request you if you're near by or by them calling dispatch to setup future rides with you. We have templates available for you to download on our Print Page. Click Here. You can also create your own designs. Word of mouth is a great way to get the word around about you & TimedPickups. We recommend leaving your business cards at different establishments. Don't be afraid to go into corporate businesses to let them know that you are on the TimedPickups platform and will like to enhance their transportation experiences. Look at everyone and companies as profit, then you will do great.

19. Does TPU find Passengers for Drivers?

When we have Passengers that need rides, we try our best to connect them with Drivers in cities needed. The purpose of you having a DIN is to build up your clientele with people you want rescheduling or requesting you. You are an Independent Contractor so you actually have to put in some footwork.

20. Are there incentives available?

There is a $5 referral bonus for getting a Driver to fill out our application by clicking on APPLY TO DRIVE on the homepage of our website. Make sure you tell the Drivers to input your DIN where it asks so we know they signed up because of you.

21. How long does it take to be approved to Drive? i

Once you submit your application to use our Drivers tool and your payment has been processed, a team member will review your application to make sure everything checks out including a background check. As we review your application for approval you will receive an approved email that will let you know if you have been approved of not.

It takes about 3 days to complete the setup of your profile so make sure you download the TPU Drivers application from your app store then Register/Sign up. Make sure you fill out the fields with correct and direct information so we can contact you in case we need any additional documents or photos.

22. Are we allowed to collect tips from Passengers?

Yes, it is okay to collect tips from Passengers. We encourage Passengers to tip if they feel they have received great service so always keep your vehicle clean, look presentable and know your way around. You keep 100% of your tips made from Passengers.

23. Where is TimedPickups available?

At the moment we are only available in the United States of America. We will be expanding to other continents soon so be on the lookout.

24. Can I use a Rental to Drive for TimedPickups?

Yes, you can use a Rental car on our platform.

25. How many vehicles can I register on TimedPickups?

You are only allowed to register one vehicle.

26. If I have other questions who can I contact?

You can send an email to [email protected] or call us at 4048551008

27. Does TPU transport the Elderly & Disabled?

Yes, we have options for individuals that need extra help getting around.

28. Can I use the TimedPickups tool in other states?

Yes, you can use TimedPickups tool in states across the U.S.A.

29. Can I pick up at the airport?

Yes, you can pick up at any airport if your car meets the airports requirements and is 2010 and above.

30. Does TimedPickups pay for any tickets?

No, we do not pay for any tickets received when driving on the TimedPickups tool platform. We strongly suggest you obey all traffic laws to avoid getting any citations.

31. Does TimedPickups cover cleaning or damage fees?

No, we do not cover cleaning or damage fees. We reccomend calling the police and filling out a report.

32. How is Insurance handled with TimedPickups?

You must have the Transportation Endorsement on your Insurance Policy if you are going to use the TimedPickups Drivers tool. You will need to make sure that you have the proper state required documents that cover you the Driver, the Passenger(s), your vehicle or anyone else's vehicle involved in and accident if any. TimedPickups is not responsible or liable for any injured Passengers, Drivers or loss of life at anytime while you use the TimedPickups tool platform.

33. Does TimedPickups file any taxes for Drivers that use their app?

No, We do not file taxes for Drivers that use the TimedPickups tool platform.

34. How do we receive scheduled ride notifications?

When someone schedules a ride with your DIN, an email will be sent to you. It is your responsibility to get in touch with your Passenger(s) that have sent in a scheduled request. Let them know if you will be available to do the pickup (Pu) or not so we can find another Driver that has the same vehicle profile as you do for the pickup (Pu) if you can't. There will be a phone number and email listed in the app so you can get in contact with them directly.

35. How do we receive request ride notifications?

Once you are logged into the TimedPickups Drivers tool platform, you will hear a sound which means you are being notified of a request coming in. It will show you how much the trip will cost, where the pickup is and where the Passenger is going. If you need more information on where the Passenger is, their phone number will be listed for you to call them directly in the app. We recommend you download the TPU Passengers app so you can get familiar with how it works just in case a Passenger has any questions.

36. Does TimedPickups require a permit or license to run in my state?

No, TimedPickups is not required to have a permit or license to operate. We connect Passengers with Drivers that are looking for traveling information. How much the travelers give their Drivers can be determined by what is shown in the TimedPickups application or both Traveler and Driver can come up with estimates of how much time and resources it will take to get to the preferred destination.

37. How can I get a TimedPickups decal?

On our Print Page – Click Here – you will be able to print some to place on your vehicle from a third party authorized website. We send some out but it might take a few weeks to get to you because of the demand.

38. What are the rules on transporting pets?

We suggest you pick up most pets if they don't pose any threat to you physically or your health wise. We do not recommend you deny the animal just for the reason that it is an animal. We advise that you carry a blanket in your trunk or have a pet hair roll-on incase any hair gets in your car from the animal. We make sure all Passengers know that if their pet(s) are dirty and have a bad odor, they can not be transported until they are clean. All military dogs must be transported.

39. At what age can I become a TimedPickups Driver?

You have to be 21 years of age or older to drive on our platform.

40. What are the rules on having video cameras in my vehicle?

We recommend having a camera(s) in your vehicle incase of an accident or have it for safety reasons.

41. Are you a Rideshare Company?

No, we are a Transportation Network Company.

42. What is a Car ID?

A Car ID is your vehicles assigned identification number on our Drivers platform.

43. What happens if I am late paying my Driver Subscription?

If you are late, you have 3 days to make your payment or a late payment fee may be included when you make your payment for the period missed. The late payment fee is $30.00 which is added on the 4th day. After a week of not having your payment in from the 4th day, you risk the chance of loosing your DIN and customers you acquired. We delete your profile 7 days after your late payment which means you will have to restart the application and registration process.

44. Where can I find templates for print?

We have them on our Print Page – Click Here

45. How does the TPU Taxi profile work?

TimedPickups' Taxi system is comparable to having a medallion. Your vehicle has to be 2010 and above. TPU Taxi Drivers pay a monthly fee of $500 to stand in Taxi Lines while Passengers are also able to hail them. Drivers must carry insurance that is state qualified, be registered as a Taxi with TPU and have their vehicles inspected every 3 months. Drivers receive a unique sticker for their windshield with their DIN and expiration date so people can recognize them as a TPU Taxis. TPU Taxi is a private company so only people that have our application can hail a Driver. When the Passenger inputs the TPU Taxi Drivers DIN in their app, they can then request the Driver while they are in the same vehicle.

46. How does the TPU Diamond profile work?

Our Diamond profile is similar to a Limo Service. Our Drivers are paid by the hour and make top of the line pay. We only accept 2010 and above Luxury Black Sedans, Black SUVs, Black Vans & Busses on this profile. You must have commercial insurance with a $1 Million liability policy. This profile has a subscription fee of $1,200 a month. We have high profile clients that use our services nationally. We also have a team of concierge people dispatching calls to Drivers and relaying special requests needed to continue giving our 5 Star service. Jobs might last hours or days depending on where the client is going. If a Driver is requested out of state, the client provides room and board plus out of state hourly fees. We highly recommend for you to be an expert navigator and require you to always show up on time or you will risk immidiate deactivation.

47. What does C.O.S.T. mean as a Driver?

1). Being Cordial 2). Being Observant 3). Being Safe 4). Being Tidy - By knowing these main facts, you will tackle the industry and reap the benefits. Find your way. If one way doesn't work, try a different way. Never give up. Make your plans make sense. If it doesn't make sense it doesn't make change. Always pay attention to what works and not what doesn't. Always stay positive.

48. Do you guys have a promotion tips for Drivers?

Ask your Passengers if they have heard of TPU. Tell them it stands for TimedPickups. Also let them know A. It is reasonably priced B. They can reuse the same Drivers C. Drivers keep 100% of their earnings D. They can also request drivers that are nearby or schedule. There are many ways to achieve the goal of communication by what people see and what you say to get the responses you want. Know how much to say or show. Sometimes showing less or speaking less can make a big impact on how the consumers curiosity will be sparked. For Ex: Tell them they should download the TPU Passengers app, don't ask them. If they are interested but working, hand them a card with your DIN on it and say no more about it unless asked. Learn how to read your customers & when to promote.