TPU | Back Story


TPU also known as TIMEDPICKUPS started back in February 2016 in the state of Georgia. It was started by a Driver that lived in Locust Grove at the time where there weren't a lot of car services that picked people up in those areas around the clock. People most likely almost walked 20 to 30 minutes to their destinations because of this. This Driver said to himself that there needs to be a change within the system of Transportation services. Even with other companies already running, he made sure that no one would be left behind. He then started giving Passengers his direct phone number so that they could call to schedule a ride for him to pick them up and also to cut down on wait times or never getting a ride.

Passengers started calling him which led to others spreading the word letting him know that they needed help getting around where no cars were available. There were so many calls being received that it made it unsafe to just pick people up random people because he didn't know who was who. Since he designs websites, he created one to where Passengers could schedule rides for pickups through the form created on the website. To separate the serious from the bogus requests, the Passengers paid a monthly booking fee to use his services. The thought process was, if they could pay monthly, it would make his time more worth while and know that only a special few will pay monthly for his services for guaranteed pickups.

When the Driver was scheduled, the Passengers were able to request the Driver off rideshare apps that were available in the areas needed. It made it easy to do so because he would be so close to the Passengers they were able to ping him directly. From then on things were looking bright for the future of scheduled rides for him which is where the spark for business came from. As it was only him doing the pickups, it was time to make a decision to bring on another Driver to help with the scheduled rides.

This is when the name of the company was formed into TIMEDPICKUPS also known as TPU. It wasn't easy finding the best name for the company but when he found it, it says what the company is about. We had monthly meetings about how many pickups we were doing, how many people that were signed up for our services, what we could do to improve our coverage areas and the time frames for people who would schedule rides for pickup. It took him a while to find a team to design his app but when he found them he was able to now make greater connections with more Drivers and Passengers.

Now he allows Drivers and Passengers to connect through the TPU app. He tells Drivers to mention to Passengers that they are on the app by giving them their DIN which stands for (Drivers Identification Number) using business cards or however they choose so Passengers can choose whether to use the TPU app to request a ride or use current companies out there. Passengers through the scheduling side of the app can select the Drivers DIN without having to type it in plus select which car profile they will like to use through the app for pickup(s).

Now that TPU has grown from where it was when it first started, we have structured how Drivers connect to where they use the TPU app to build their business as Independent Contractors. When a Passenger schedules a ride through the TPU app it goes directly to the Drivers email for who's DIN they have chosen.